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Flutter is a framework by Google that enables developers to create apps that are beautifully built and natively compiled for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. It gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, natively-compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, and desktop – all using a single codebase (source: official Flutter website ). Developers inside and outside of Google use Flutter to build beautiful native apps for iOS and Android. Our complete Flutter development Bootcamp teaches you how to code using Dart and build beautiful, fast, native-quality iOS and Android apps.

Our complete Flutter development Bootcamp teaches you how to code using Dart and build beautiful, fast, native-quality iOS and Android apps. Flutter, a ground-breaking cross-platform software development kit created by Google, makes it easier than ever to create highly responsive, secure, beautiful native apps for iOS and Android. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for developers to create native applications for mobile, web, and desktop, all from a single codebase.

Rather, Flutter has its own set of custom widgets, rendered and managed by the framework’s graphics engine ( source ). Users will see different UI components from typical native apps, but that isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. The majority of Flutter is built in the same language we give to our users, so we need to stay productive at 100k’s lines of code, without sacrificing the approachability or readability of the framework and widgets for our developers. As an experienced mobile app developer with proven work history with React Native and Flutter, Redux, and, it can help you to build high-quality mobile apps based on best practices of JavaScript and Dart, and implement animations with elegant UI on latest versions of these technologies.

React Native uses JavaScript to build cross-platform apps and Flutter uses Dart programming language which was introduced by Google. The number of widgets provided by React-Native is not as big as Flutter’s yet it’s quite inclusive, in addition, some of these components are adaptive, so they can figure out which platform they’re running on, whether IOS or Android and render the compositions suitable for that platform. React Native is a javascript framework built upon the React library, both created by Facebook, and it allows you to ship IOS and Android apps with a single code base.

If you are a native app developer, then take this course to see how much time you can save building native-quality iOS and Android apps with Flutter. At Flutter Interact today, Google laid out its ambient computing vision for Flutter, which lets developers build embedded, mobile, desktop, and web apps from the same codebase. With Flutter, developers can work with a set of customizable widgets to quickly build interfaces and get full native performance across platforms.

Flutter is a framework that’s used by developers to write native” apps on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Flutter also has widgets for Material Design and Cupertino that allow developers to easily render the UI on both iOS and Android platform.

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